Younger Leaders Gathering & Movement Day Global Cities

From Monday, August 1st through Thursday, August 11th founder and CEO of The New York City Leadership Center (NYCLC), Dr. Mac Pier, and Director of Movement Day & Events at The NYCLC, Ebony Small, attended The Lausanne Movement Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG). This gathering of 1,000 younger leaders from over 150 countries in Jakarta, Indonesia takes place once every decade. The goal of YLG is to mobilize and connect emerging evangelical influencers for global mission.

Mac and Ebony served as co-catalysts for the Lausanne Cities issue network group. They co-presented two workshops on city movements with a primary emphasis on transformational leadership, which accelerates collaborative partnerships in service of the city. Ebony mentored daily a connect group of six leaders, and both Mac and Ebony held numerous 1-on-1 mentoring meetings with leaders passionate about city transformation.

Leaders were introduced to Movement Day Global Cities (MDGC), and expressed a strong desire to join us in October. Global leaders from 74 countries are building teams to gather at MDGC. “It is hard to put in words the great sign of hope that MDGC is for these leaders coming from around the world, says Dr. Pier. It is more than many leaders had dreamed possible in their lifetime, to be able to participate in a gathering of this magnitude.”

YLG opened the eyes of Ebony and Dr. Pier to the enormous urgency of need possessed by the international leaders coming to MDGC. The New York City Leadership Center is honored to host such influential people, and we pray this event makes an impact in their lives. From Jakarta to New York City, God is on the move!

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