You Told Us

Gathering 3,000 leaders from around the world makes for a beautiful time of shared fellowship and perspective. Different aspects of the experience will stick out to specific participants in unique ways. Since the purpose of this gathering was to bring together leaders from diverse countries and areas of ministry together, we wanted to capture the diversity of their experiences. Through our attendee survey and Movement Day Global Cities (MDGC) app, this is what you told us.


“Being at (MDGC) was a miracle! I had so many God moments. Meeting new friends from different parts of the globe was amazing. Interacting with them is encouraging to see how they are making movements in their own city.”

(A highlight for me was) the arts track conversation on the role of lament. I also was blown away by the global church unity and common vision. It was truly the work of the Spirit.”

“An awesome time of fellowship, collaboration, service, and worship! Can’t wait until we share our success stories next year!”

“Thank you #MDGC16 for all your effort. Bringing people together was what you taught and what you did. Great job. The best is yet to come.”

“Having an awesome time at the Conference! The workshops have been tremendously empowering!”

“It’s really wonderful the way these great leaders have been working together. I believe the church in Ghana needs this kind of collaboration. God bless.”

“The quality of the speakers, the worship, the administration and all the people who are at Movement Day is world class. Thank you Mac Pier and your team for everything you have done to make it happen. We have been blessed.”

“It’s really amazing the insight that the speakers are bringing out. I’m grateful to God that I’m part of this great move of God.”

“I really had a moment of appreciation for the diversity of God’s kingdom. It is amazing to know the future of the church is in God’s hands and he is using all these amazing leaders from all age groups, continents, etc.”


“I met a man from India who leads a church and he sees many miracles happen in people’s lives and families whereas in Holland it feels like hard work. It was encouraging to hear about what God is doing in other cities and countries.”

“I have a now deeper friendship and cooperation with a pastor from another city here in Spain and we are organizing an activity for the next spring.”

“I loved meeting Christians from all over the world. I was able to ask questions about the Hindu religion and how I could better witness to a practicing Hindu.”

“The global connections at Movement Day are awesome and so strategic! Here we are, Haiti and New Jersey talking strategy.”


“My life and perspective is totally changed and my approach to corporate ministry and body ministry in my city completely changed.”

“We need a Movement Day in every city on this planet.”

“Expecting great revival – transformation in the Island Nation of Sri Lanka. WE BLESS THE LAND.”

“By his grace we are taking the Movement Day gathering to Africa land come 2018. We have been praying and God will make it possible for us.”

“It is my conviction that as we all disperse back to our various cities and nations, the Spirit of God will begin to stir movements in our cities culminating in a great harvest of souls and ultimately the coming of God’s Kingdom in our various nations.”

We so enjoyed meeting with and collaborating with each of you. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you. May He give you peace.

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