Launched in 2010, we are an initiative of Movement.Org.
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What is Movement Day?

Movement Day (MD) was launched in 2010, as a one-day to three-day gathering of ministry, marketplace and nonprofit leaders passionate about cities and the Gospel of Jesus, coming together across denominational, ethnic, geographical, and socio-economic lines. Over 45,000 city leaders have been trained.

Those called to lead these gatherings are individuals with a vision for God accelerating a gospel movement in their city, individuals eager to link arms with other leaders who desire to see the Body of Christ come together. Movement Day Expressions is the vehicle through which we serve the launch of these gatherings across the globe.

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Our Goal

To Accelerate a Gospel Movement in your City

The goal of hosting a MD Expression in your city is to accelerate a gospel movement – catalyzing highly trained, motivated and sold-out leaders determined to find solutions to “stubborn facts” like crime, poverty, apathy, failed educational systems, and unemployment plaguing cities across America and around the world.

Since its inception, Movement Day has made the following five compelling observations about the power of our work.


God has put in the heart of His leaders what He wants them to do. By providing a space for us to convene, and the opportunity to share best ideas and practices to impact a city – the fire of change is ignited.


The distinction of Christianity is the Presence of God in the person of the Incarnate Christ. When Christian leaders are more present to each other, God becomes more present to each of us.


Expressing our unity is what the Lord expects from us. What we do as individuals matters significantly – but what we do together is paramount.


We own what we design. Movement Day gives thousands of diverse leaders the opportunity to join forces in determining the future of their city.


A city’s Christian vibrancy is in direct proportion to the depth of unity between its people. Defined as its “gospel eco-system,” and comprised of churches, agencies and leaders, the goal of a MD expression is to see that eco-system mature in all its diversity.

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14% Marketplace

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32% Para-church or Non-profit Organization

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51% Church

MD Expressions

Accelerating Global Expansion

From Nairobi to Sydney, from London to Charlotte, and from Haiti to Hong Kong, an increasing number of cities have shown interest in launching a Movement Day expression in their region. We support these new gatherings through:

To city leaders of influence with a passion for gospel acceleration.

Building Collaborative Partnerships
To accelerate unity in city movements and develop a vibrant gospel eco-system.

We are neutral conveners with one sole focus—uniting the church to accelerate the Gospel in cities. Through the 100 Cities Summit and Movement Day Global Cities we host catalytic gatherings that ignite collaborative partnerships and empower leaders.

Through the Movement Day Institute, a two-day immersion training, we empower leaders to develop strategic plans for gospel movement acceleration in their cities.