A Tale of Three Cities

During March and April our team will travel to 12 U.S. cities to share with leaders how we see God’s hand moving and where we see leaders changing cities through gospel movements.

On March 4th, seventy leaders met at American Bible Society’s new office space in Philadelphia, PA to envision the possibility of a significant cohort of Philadelphia leaders participating in Movement Day Global Cities (MDGC). The American Bible Society has been a committed partner of Movement Day for many years. Philadelphia is one of the great college cities in the world with more than twenty universities. Former Mayor, Dr. Wilson Goode, Jr., a recent faculty member at Movement Day, challenged the leaders in Philadelphia to design a Movement Day expression locally, and to come see what is happening in New York City in October.

The next stop was Charlotte, N.C. On March 8th, twenty-five leaders gathered to consider joining MDGC in October. Bishop Claude Alexander, senior pastor of The Park Church, and Pastor Rob Kelly, executive director of For Charlotte, hosted the meeting. An equal number of African American and Anglo leadership attended. Bishop Alexander spoke about the urgent need for Charlotte’s faith leaders to come together to address the great deficits of the city. He said that Charlotte ranks 50th of 50 cities in the area of “social capital” – existing relationships between diverse people of shared values and behaviors, which enable and encourage mutually advantageous cooperation. (Bishop Alexander is a plenary speaker for MDGC and has spoken extensively on the theme of racial reconciliation. He has also served as past president of the Hampton University Ministers Conference, one of the largest clergy bodies in the world.)

Back at home in NYC on March 10th, Dr. Mac Pier (founder & CEO of The New York City Leadership Center) was interviewed at the Trinity Broadcasting Network studio by Pastor Dimas Salaberrios (co-pastor of Infinity Bible Church, and president of Concerts of Prayer New York). The interview focused on the global interest for MDGC with 3,000 leaders expected to come from dozens of global cities. Pastor Salaberrios spoke to the substantial leadership that is being coalesced around Movement Day in cities. Mac shared what is happening in diverse cities like London (England), Port au Prince (Haiti), Columbus (Ohio), Phoenix (AZ), New York, and Charlotte (NC). Viewers were challenged to consider involvement in their own cities and to contribute to the movement of the gospel.

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