Regional Cities Leading the Way for Movement Day United Kingdom

“Church, Commercial, Civic, and Community; each of these strategic leadership quarters contribute to influencing people and places.” Ian Mayer (Director of Movement Day Doncaster)

More than just an event, Movement Day UK is a year-round, long-term initiative to create social, cultural and spiritual transformation across the UK through citywide unity. Two stories from 2018 gatherings show the power of the Gospel to bring communities together.

Doncaster United

Building on two decades of Christian unity and the work of two groups—One Heart One Voice and Mission Doncaster, on June 20, 2018, leaders of the city, community groups and churches gathered at Cast Theatre Complex in Doncaster to ask the question:

“What’s next for our borough?”

Movement Day Doncaster featured day and evening sessions uniting leaders and stakeholders from charities, the local council, the chamber of commerce, churches of different denominations and community groups to really delve into a new understanding of the state of their borough and begin to see a way forward to develop vision together for Doncaster.

“We honor the dedicated work of many leaders across Doncaster over 20 years,” says Roger Sutton, Director of Movement Day UK and Global Hub Leader for UK/Southern Europe, “They have helped create a wonderful culture of loving unity. This unity has and is producing fruit across the city with the Church becoming more strategic and coordinated than ever before.”

Sutton believes MD Doncaster is setting a template for other UK cities to follow. “This is the first of many cities around the country who will be taking their unity on to another level.”

Bristol Building Community

A powerful coming together of businesses, the public sector, charities, and churches,

“Building Bristol as a City of Hope – Working together to transform the city for good” was held May 5, 2018 in the town’s city hall. This important  gathering included panel discussions and presentations establishing some of the biggest needs of the city, with four key themes emerging:

  1. Connection – the discussions highlighted a need for increased connectivity and closer relationships between and across all sectors. These relationships should be based on a shared cultural values system.
  2. Access to information – The talks earlier in the event emphasized the importance for us all to know what the needs are and what’s already available. Are there untapped resources that could be utilized to meet the needs of Bristol?
  3. Action – There was a sense that not only should we talk about what could be done but we must act too.
  4. Diversity – There was a sense that the ‘City of Hope’ movement should be making use of the knowledge and skills of a diverse audience, raising equality and access for all.

Both of these successful gatherings epitomize Movement Day UK’s goals to unite the church, charity, business and public sectors in our communities, breaking through isolation to address significant issues and create unity.

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