Pray Chicago: Saturday Sidewalk Services

“…out of our seats and into the streets!”

Rev. Phil Miglioratti of Mission America Coalition and LOVE2020, John Fuder of Pray Chicago, and Ken Oliver of Chicago Bible Society are joining together to bring members from Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods together in prayer. Pray Chicago was developed in response to national leadership initiatives such as Movement Day, the Mission America Coalition, the Lausanne Movement, and teachings by leaders such as Dr. Mac Pier and Dr. Timothy Keller. This event invites leaders and community members to “gather…with one heart and one voice to call upon God to bring healing and hope” to the city of Chicago. Notes Rev. Phil, “This simple action of love is part of a national invitation for citywide “prayer-care-share movements” to make radical expressions of God’s love in the places, and among the people, most needed.”

Chicago is a city often featured on the news for its violence, gang activity, and rough neighborhoods. According to The Washington Post, 141 people have already been killed due to violence in the first quarter of 2016. Despite these disheartening statistics, Pray Chicago organizers want the city to come together in hope. They are inviting the Body of Christ in each of Chicago’s neighborhoods to “get out of their seats and into the streets” with prayer for hope against violence and healing for those hurting.”

At noon on June 18th, a series of Shalom in the Streets services hosted by numerous neighborhood churches, will bring together members of the local Christian community to pray for peace. A special service with a particular focus placed upon youth in Chicago also will take place at 11:00 a.m. prior to Shalom in the Streets. Stories will be shared, scripture read, and songs sung in faith as those gathered pray for the gospel’s movement over the city of Chicago. In particular, prayers will center upon asking “for the restoration of the Christian family unit, for a spirit of peace in the neighborhoods, in the hearts and minds of would be perpetrators, and an end to homicides, especially those involving youth.”

Reflects Rev. Phil, “Prayer is powerful and transformative. When we pray, we allow God to transform us. When we bring prayer to our community, God brings forth the power to transform the community. Prayer changes our focus — from our problems, to our God.” He and the organizational team are looking forward to seeing the transformational impact such an event can have on their community. He notes, “The Lord is using Pray Chicago as a catalyst for prayer and for collaboration. The leadership is comprised of humble but influential persons. They are connecting other prayer-driven initiatives both in the city and across the suburban communities.”

Will you join us as we pray alongside partners and city leaders in Chicago as they ask God for gospel movement within their city?

Are you in the Chicago area? Visit Rev. Phil Miglioratti’s blog, the Pray Chicago website or send an e-mail to to get involved.



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