Oslo Movement Day Report

I was privileged to participate in the Pray for Oslo gatherings January 11-12th along with my wife Marya. Marya’s family emigrated from Norway.

This week of prayer is now in its 18th year. More than 2,000 leaders gathered from 23 churches across the city. The Saturday portion of the week will include neighborhood prayer walks.

I taught a prayer seminar and then spoke during the general session on prayer. The gathering had a high concentration of younger leaders. Worship leadership was provided by Hillsong and a multi-church team.

On January 11th, the leadership team launched their research report called “The Oslo Monitor 1.0”. The research focused on the spiritual, social, and cultural dimensions of Oslo. The two most important research points for me were the 25% who identified themselves as having spiritual interest while 4.7% are active in the church. The other research point was the 20% of Oslo residents whom identify themselves as being extremely lonely. This report will inform the strategic prayer and collaborative efforts of churches.

The citywide facilitator is Joakim Magnus, the Oslo leader for Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Magnus brought a team of 12 city leaders to Movement Day Global Cities 2016 in New York City, and a team of 30 city leaders to Movement Day United Kingdom 2017 in London, the largest group from one city to attend the gathering.

Magnus has built a leadership team of twelve leaders that are guiding the citywide movement. They are working toward an April 2018 Pastor’s Prayer Gathering. They are motivated to involve the 100 leaders who gathered for the launching of The Oslo Monitor.

Oslo is following the same pattern of the New York City Movement—years of united prayer, compelling research, and accelerating greater citywide collaboration. There are also early stage conversations about a future “Movement Day Oslo”.

I believe that the church in Oslo has the potential to not only impact Norway but also much of Europe. There is a long and deeply spiritual tradition from Norway to the world.

By: Dr. Mac Pier, CEO & Founder of The New York City Leadership Center

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