New York City Loves Millennials

Over the past few months we’ve chronicled local leaders and why they love New York City (NYC). There is a collective passion shared by these leaders to serve the needs of youth, families and the Church. This is coupled with a commitment to build up the infrastructure of the city as a place where the next generation can thrive and contribute.

We continued our conversations next with Rev. Adam Durso, CEO of Faith Breathes LLC — an initiative partnering with churches worldwide to train, strengthen, and empower youth pastors. Adam has joined with us at The New York City Leadership Center to invest in millennial leaders who feel a sense of calling to serve the city. Adam shares with us below how we all can help New York City and love today’s fastest growing generation.

1) What is the need you are addressing?

Low graduation rates are a problem in urban areas across the United States. I believe this needs to be a focus of the Church at large.

2) How do you make a unique difference (despite such a large issue, and such a large city)?

As a member of the NYC Mayor’s Clergy Advisory Council, we are dealing with this particular issue as an area of concern and partnership for both the local government and the church. Mayor Bill de Blasio has been a clear partner and advocate for education and fixing this problem here in NYC.

3) Why do you do what you do? What motivates you?

I am excited to look at the next generation and not cast dispersions, but believe for God’s best in them. We can choose to be prophets of the obvious and just say what we see, or we can declare God’s promises over their lives and then act upon them. I believe NYC can be the model for solving this problem in urban areas across the United States.

4) What are you trying to achieve?

I believe we need to work on significantly lowering High School dropout rates. This can be achieved through mentorship. We need to walk alongside our kids! Ensure our students have the support of tutors to help, in many cases provided by churches, so that they do not only move from grade to grade but are proficient in learning the core competencies and expectations of that grade level. Lastly, we need to equip our teachers and invest in our schools so that learning is well-rounded and inspires thinking and creativity!

5) How can others help? (Pray, volunteer, spread the word)

Please continue to pray for Luke 2:52 to manifest in our children: Jesus grew in wisdom (mentally) and stature (physically), and in favor with God (spiritually) and men (socially). This should be the model for the church and what we want to see in this next generation.

Will you join Adam this October at Movement Day Global Cities to be a part of investing in the next generation? If so, we invite you to sponsor a leader. 

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