Movement Day Haiti

On May 12th, 2016 Movement Day Haiti (MDH) had its first gathering. With over 250 leaders discussing how to access clean water, ways to address fatherlessness and reaching the youth with the gospel as well as how to obtain justice and feed the hungry, this was truly an historic event. Every attendee was passionate about preaching the gospel and seeing the growth and impact of Christianity within Haiti. Attendee Henry Fuhrman, Executive Pastor of Ministries at Center Point Church, said “Haiti is a country with great need, and for the American church – a place of great opportunity. Movement Day Haiti showed me that I’m not alone in believing there is hope for Haiti and that, in Haiti the best is yet to come.”

The event was held at the Montana Hotel, which was one of the thousands of structures that collapsed in the earthquake of January 12th, 2010. Founder and CEO of The New York City Leadership Center (NYCLC), Dr. Mac Pier says, “Movement Day Haiti represents a kind of rebirth for the Body of Christ, even as the Montana has been re-birthed as a leading Port-Au-Prince conference center.” With Haiti recognized as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, this made Port-Au-Prince an extraordinary context for Movement Day.

The NYCLC partnered with World Vision in an ever deepening relationship in Haiti and potentially in many of the most challenged cities in the world. World Vision has 70,000 sponsored children in Haiti and is the largest Christian organization in the country.  Don Golden, U.S. church relations director for World Vision, has a personal conviction that Haiti is the American church’s “Lazarus on our doorstep.”  MDH is a response to these enormous challenges. Golden says of the event, “Movement Day Haiti marks a significant moment in the life of the church in Haiti… and for the Church in the U.S.! As the only “fragile state” in the Western hemisphere, Haiti deserves the special attention of the Church, as God cares especially for the poor. For World Vision, MDH opened a new and promising opportunity to see the kind of hope and healing the Church can offer when it unifies around Christ’s love for those most in need.”

Movement Day Haiti was unlike any other event that Haitian leaders themselves had ever seen. Leaders were amazed that they had the opportunity to interact around ideas to shape their country. There is a very robust commitment to follow-up on the discussions, create ten year goals, and one year plans. Many of these Haitian leaders are aiming to bring a team of one hundred leaders to Movement Day Global Cities this October. Will you join us as we continue to pray for the country of Haiti?

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