Movement Day Greater Dallas

Today several hundred leaders gathered for Movement Day Greater Dallas (MDGD).  Leaders met from every corner of Greater Dallas to wrestle with the question of how the gospel transcends racial differences, economic disparity, and generational realities.

Mayor Michael S. Rawlings presented his reflections on the 8 months since the Dallas police ambush.  He also mentioned to me the hope to see 40,000 jobs filled with an educational movement.  He expressed his indebtedness to the church community for its engagement to heal Dallas.

Bishop Claude Alexander, senior pastor, The Park Church in Charlotte, N.C., spoke to the theme  from Luke 10 and the Good Samaritan.  His core message is that it takes proximity to understand another person’s needs across racial lines.  Jesus is calling us to be like Him as the ultimate Great Samaritan, “understanding and initiating” to our city’s greatest challenges. Regarding racial realities he commented, “it’s not our fault but it is our problem”.

Major Jon Rich from the Salvation Army DFW Metro Command gave a moving appeal to see the church collaborate together to impact the poor.  Intelligent collaboration is the only antidote to many of our intractable urban realities.

Millennial leaders from Initiative spoke powerfully on the theme of needing mentors to navigate racial realities.

Keith and Kristin Getty led worship.

The strategy of MDGD is to create momentum on issues of spiritual transformation, education engagement, and job creation across Greater Dallas.

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By: Dr. Mac Pier, CEO & Founder of The New York City Leadership Center

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