Movement Day Gatherings Report

1. Phoenix, Arizona

Movement Day Arizona was attended by 100 churches wrestling with a range of issues including foster care, underperforming schools, and church planting.

President Brian Mueller of Grand Canyon University described the impact they are having on their Hispanic neighborhood — incubating businesses, educating students, and neighborhood tutoring in a local high school. GCU was our host site, one of the fastest growing universities in the world.

2. Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria has one of the most mature church networks in the world. After MD 2015, 153 churches had a common sermon series for a month and exchanged pulpits on the same day.

In September 2017, Pretoria’s mayor spoke about the need for churches to serve the poor. The dream is to see South African leaders create Black entrepreneurship across the country and the continent.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the birthplace of the Global Day of Prayer, the Unashamedly Ethical Movement, and host of Lausanne 2010. On Movement Day very diverse leaders gathered to hear about the role of the church as instigators of Justice.

One Parliamentarian of 18 years spoke on the prophetic role of the church to effect justice. There is a fresh hunger to see young people converted to Jesus and to lead the next generation.

4. Durban, South Africa

A thousand leaders gathered across 24 hours that included a prayer meeting led by Millennials, a Movement Day expression, and a concluding evening of worship, also led by Millennials.

What is most impressive about Durban is a very serious community of marketplace leaders. This team created Durban City Story and is serious about racial conversations and Black Entrepreneurship, allowing the Gospel to be credible in a context of economic apartheid.

5. Nairobi, Kenya

Leaders from 11 nations gathered in Nairobi, the hub of East Africa. The theme was on aggregating the enormous passion for evangelism across East Africa to heighten the impact.

I was impressed with Simon, the leader of Kenya InterVarsity, which had 45,000 Kenyan students involved. Simon and his generation are poised to lead the future.

6. London, United Kingdom

We met in Central Methodist Hall, Mother Church to Charles Wesley. A thousand leaders across the UK, Europe, and the globe gathered. We met for prayer in Parliament Square across from Parliament and Westminster Abbey. It was a powerful expression of unity.

One denominational leader said that Movement Day is leading him to completely redesign the strategy of their denomination. The call is to a rigorous unity in proclaiming Christ’s Lordship over every inch of our cities.

7. New York City

We gathered at Bethel Gospel Assembly in Harlem with more than 1000 leaders. Senator James Lankford spoke of his passion to see bridges built across racial lines.

We consulted on the plight of 50,000 young leaders sleeping in detention centers every night. We wrestled with the need and the possibility of translating the Bible into every language in our lifetime. We celebrated the life and community transformational power of the gospel.


It seemed appropriate that 60 percent of these Movement Day gatherings took place in Africa and Asia where 75 percent of the world lives. These seven gatherings modeled the truth that Christianity transcends geography, ethnicity, and economics.

We worship a Savior born in Asia, who became an African refugee, and who died at the age of a modern day Millennial. He died in Jerusalem as the religious capital of the world that the gospel might spread to the political capital of the world in Rome. God is uniting the church in major cities to accelerate the growth of His church, God’s New Society.

By: Dr. Mac Pier, CEO & Founder of The New York City Leadership Center

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