Movement Day Discussions in Wroclaw & Doncaster

In late May, I was invited to meet with Edward Pawlowski and key stakeholders in Wroclaw, Poland. Edward, who attended Movement Day Global Cities, has been instrumental in convening city leaders from his region, sharing his heart and passion for gospel movement.

Over two days we gathered with 20 pastors and city leaders to explore what an expression of collaboration could look like in Wroclaw. Half of 1% of Wroclaw’s population is comprised of evangelicals with only 16 evangelical churches serving a city of 700,000 residents.

Wroclaw leaders feel called to collaborate together in addressing the stubborn realities impacting their city. We define “stubborn realities/facts” as urban issues such as crime, poverty, spiritual apathy, failed educational systems, and unemployment to name a few. Wroclaw leaders are trusting God to plant 15 new churches in the next 5-10 years.

Later that week I met with Ian Mayer, Chief Executive Officer, Celula Ltd, Doncaster, United Kingdom. Ian is businessman and Director of ‘One Heart One Voice.’ Ian facilitated the Doncaster team’s participation in Movement Day Global Cities this past October. A diverse group of Christian leaders in Doncaster are eager to see leaders from Church, Commercial, Civic, and Community work together for the good of the region.

Ian convened 10 city leaders representing the Assemblies of God, Baptist, Charismatic, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Free Evangelical churches. Together we envisioned how an expression of Movement Day could serve Doncaster. Numerous leaders will attend Movement Day United Kingdom 2017 and continue seeking God to accelerate gospel movement in the region.

By: Dr. Craig Sider, President of Movement Day Expressions

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