Movement Day Athens: Spreading the Gospel in the Cradle of Democracy

I travelled to Athens the week of May 29, 2016 with my wife Marya. NYC pastor and evangelist Tom Mahairas hosted us. The inception of the trip took place after Greek Church leaders attended Movement Day Global Cities in October 2016.

To appreciate the significance of Movement Day Athens one must appreciate the context of Greece’s role in world history. Greece was the cradle of democracy 2,500 years ago. The United States became the first country in 2,000 years to create a democratic nation. Greece is a country that is a true midpoint between East and West.

Greece was also one of the early cradles of the Christian movement. The first European church was in the Greek city of Philippi. Corinth, Thessalonica, and Athens were all prominent New Testament cities. We visited Corinth and the Acropolis in Athens where Paul gave his Mars Hill sermon in Acts 17.

On Tuesday, May 30 we were hosted by the largest evangelical church in Athens. Seventy leaders gathered from diverse churches and agencies to ponder what could happen to reach the nation of Greece.

Movement Day is a convening force to catalyze unity among Christian leaders to grow Christianity in a city or nation. Greece is 0.3 percent evangelical.

During the meeting we told the New York City story of Manhattan Christianity growing from 3 percent to 6 percent in five years. We casted vision for a mature expression of Movement Day. We prayed together for all the churches and for the country.

We broke bread together. We commissioned the effort to have 30 churches adopt a day per month to pray for Greece.

In addition to Movement Day, other signs of hope included national scripture distribution campaigns, evangelism among the Gypsy population, and church planting in Athens.

Movement Day is designed to add muscularity to the expression of the gospel in a city. Our prayer is that God would accelerate the movement of the gospel in Greece.


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