Movement Day 2019 Dallas-Fort Worth Recap

2019’s Movement Day Dallas-Fort Worth has already begun fulfilling on its promise to unite the city and address the spiritual, social, and humanitarian challenges facing the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex.

Held February 29th at Dallas Baptist University, this year’s event featured a dynamic roster of speakers, including former First Lady Laura Bush, Hobby Lobby’s Mart Green (Founder & CEO, Mardel Christian & Educational Supply), Dr. Jim Denison (Founder of the Denison Forum), Wil McCall (President/Dallas Leadership Foundation), Jurie Kriel (MOVEMENT.ORG’s NXT MOVE), Grant Skeldon (Founder of Dallas’ Initiative Network), Dr. Mac Pier (Founder & CEO, MOVEMENT.ORG) and many other local, national, and international leaders.

Launched in 2014 as the first domestic expression of Movement Day, this powerful movement has made substantial progress toward a number of vital goals impacting the Dallas-Fort Worth area; early childhood education is being transformed and the metroplex’s high level of childhood poverty is being alleviated. Movement Day Dallas-Fort Worth also is working to inspire a millennial gospel movement in a nation where only 20% of the population under 30 attends church and 35% have an anti-church stance.

There have been a number of other initiatives that have come from Movement Day Dallas-Fort Worth, including:

  • Pulpit Swap. This is helping unite communities and break down barriers. More than 50 churches of different racial profiles have hosted pastors to share with their congregations.
  • The INITIATIVE Network. A movement of 2,000 millennials dedicated to prayer, discipleship, and intentional mission outreach. Its goal is to shift the culture of Dallas by training millennials to be Christ-loving, city-changing, church-investing, disciple-making local missionaries. INITIATIVE has impacted thousands of young leaders from over 540 different churches across the metroplex.
  • Pastors Coalition. Through this initiative, 300 racially diverse pastors have monthly meetings for prayer, encouragement and discussion of issues facing the region. The mayor regularly engages this group to lead during times of racial tension and speak peace into the city.
  • Explore God. Breaking down more barriers, through this initiative more than 400 churches participated in coordinated sermon series and community-based discussion groups to reach people with the gospel.
  • Transform Dallas. The largest mobilization of volunteers in Dallas-Fort Worth history. Each year 3,000 people from hundreds of churches and businesses work on more than 250 projects for the city, churches, and relief agencies.
  • God is doing more through Movement Day Dallas-Fort Worth than we could have dreamed, and we are so excited to see what is in store in the coming months and years.

“This year’s event was our most impactful yet! The power of the Gospel is alive in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. For many years our spiritual lives were separated and siloed within our own congregations, but through the work of we’re breaking down barriers, uniting our diverse neighborhoods and communities and achieving much more than we ever could before,” – Mark Alexander, Executive Director of Movement Day Dallas-Fort Worth.

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