Using the 12 verse challenge

Right now, a billion people are trapped in the darkness of Bible Poverty.

children with bibles

Of the 7,000+ languages spoken in the world today, 3,778 are in need of BIBLE translation. That is approximately one billion people living in the darkness of bible poverty—not having God’s life changing Word in their own language.

~ 70 million deaf persons use sign language but only 10% of the 400+ unique sign languages have any Scripture, and only American Sign Language has a full Bible. (For the Deaf scripture is translated into sign language videos.)

~ 40 million people globally are blind and 285 million others severely visually impaired. Yet, only 44 languages have a complete Bible in Braille, with another 200+ languages having some portions of Scripture.

As Christians, there’s no denying the role Scripture has had in our lives, ministries, and families. This compels us to take every opportunity to make the Bible accessible for all people groups.

12 Verses • 12 Months • $35/Month

Your church can accelerate putting God's life-changing Gospel into the hands of every people group on the planet. Join with illumiNations in this collaborative campaign.

It costs only $35 to fund a verse of Scripture. There are roughly 24 million verses left to be translated. If only 1% of Christians participated in this challenge, we would succeed in accomplishing the goal—translating Scripture into every world language by the year 2033!


Important Dates & Upcoming Events

  • June 27, 2021 - Official Launch of 12VC Campaign
  • Trip to Museum of the Bible (date to be announced)


Help and Support


See what Beverly Caesar of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle had to share about 12VC!

“The 12 Verse Challenge is a win, win, win. Business and Churches working together, congregants memorizing scripture together, people groups who do not have the Word of God will now have access. It’s amazing what could happen when there is unity.”

— Dave Nuzzolo, NY Ministry Network

The 12 verse challenge is a campaign hosted by illumiNations, a collective impact alliance of Bible translation and resource partners working together to translate Scripture into every language in this generation: https://illuminations.bible/


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