Mother’s Day and Manila


As Mother’s Day approaches we want to highlight current gospel movements within our global community that touch on the education and mentorship of children.

In 1984, it became clear to two retired U.S.A. Chaplains, John Lindvall and  Stewart De Boer, that there was a great need for quality early childhood education for children living in poverty within the Metro Manila (Philippines) region. At that time there were 11 million pre-school aged children in Manila and only 3 million had access to pre-school education. Mission Ministries Philippines was birthed to address this urban issue.

Mission Ministries Philippines (MMP) emerged as a grassroots social movement, focused upon empowering local churches to meet the immediate needs of disadvantaged children in Manila by way of establishing, sustaining, and multiplying early childhood education centers in the poorest sections of the city. Churches have become a safe haven of learning for both children and parents. Evangelists and discipleship ministries have been strengthened, and in some instances, elementary and high school level programs have been established by partner churches as an extension of this vision. Since MMP was first founded, more than 500 schools have been established with over 121,000 children served through this dynamic and vibrant ministry. We are honored to have Dr. Corrie De Boer share the Manilla story at Movement Day Global Cities this October.

Here are some ways you can join Dr. Corrie in prayer for the city of Manila:

  1. Pray that the children living in the poorest neighborhoods would be given the opportunity to access to quality, Christian education services;
  2. Pray that God would continue to empower churches and mission organizations to establish, sustain and multiply their early childhood education;
  3. Pray that opportunities would continue to arise for churches to share the Gospel with children and their parents.
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