MDGC Speaker Feature: Mutua Mahiaini

Each year, Movement Day features speakers who come to educate, inspire, challenge, and encourage city leaders. Learn more about the world-renowned speakers, topic experts and practitioners scheduled to share about global issues and key urban population groups at Movement Day Global Cities 2016.

This month, we caught up with Mutua Mahiani, International President of The Navigators, a ministry whose mission is “To Know Christ and To Make Him Known.” Mutua currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO where he works to extend and enrich the work of The Navigators around the world.

Q: You are the International President of The Navigators, a global Christian outreach ministry to college campuses, military bases, cities, prisons, and youth camps. Would you share a little bit about what led you to serve with The Navigators?
Having come to Christ at the age of 10, I went through a number of years during which I experienced discouragement in my walk with God and was ready to throw in the towel. Then I met The Navigators when I was finishing high school and the help they gave me was so deeply meaningful that I wanted to help people in practical ways in their walk with Christ. I ended up serving full time with The Navigators. My involvement as a Navigator staff person over the years has been a series of steps as God has clearly led me and opened doors for ministry and leadership.

Q: The Navigators has ministries in 107 countries on six continents. Do you see any themes of gospel movement or urban challenge that are similar within these diverse locations of ministry?
The main characteristic of every place where we are working, and especially in urban areas, is captured in a phrase within our vision statement: workers for the Kingdom next door to everywhere. The idea of each person being able to reach others in their sphere of life without having to join anything, go anywhere or subscribe to anything opens up all kinds of opportunities for the gospel; and this is true in all the 107 countries that Navigator staff serve in.

Q: You have served for over 30 years with The Navigators, in many posts throughout Africa. Please share a little about what you learned about gospel movements throughout the African continent during that time?
It would be hard to summarize all the lessons we continue to learn about the movement of the gospel, but one significant lesson is that when people connect with others who share similar values and the same vision, they are able to act more courageously and live more attractively before a watching world. This often takes intentionality and the right kind of leadership.

Q: How can the broader Movement Day community support those working to bring about gospel movement within The Navigator community?
Since this will be my first time to participate in Movement Day, I am not sure what to expect in this area, but clearly God never expected us to have silos or to establish empires around our own organizations and our own structures. It pleases him to see us work together. I am glad that The Navigators have been part of Movement Day and we plan to continue to play our part in what God is doing.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at Movement Day Global Cities 2016?
Again, since this is my first Movement Day experience, I am primarily looking forward to learning and to watching God lead us together as we seek him for the future.