MDGC Participation Inspires Philadelphia’s Vision Launch

Over 100 city leaders from Philadelphia, PA (USA) attended Movement Day Global Cities 2016. What has emerged since MDGC is a renewed vision to see gospel movement accelerated in the city.

On Thursday, March 23, nearly 100 leaders attended a Vision Launch for the  “Philadelphia Gospel Movement” hosted by the Servant Team, 21 senior leaders, including former Philadelphia mayor Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr.

The Philadelphia Gospel Movement is a “Network of Networks,” developing to advance the Christian gospel throughout the city’s metropolitan area. The PGM is taking the shape of three legs of a “kingdom stool”—with marketplace leaders, churches, and nonprofit ministry leaders beginning to work together in new ways. Their vision:

1. That a growing percentage of the greater Philadelphia population will become disciples of Jesus.

2. That Christians, serving in unity, will meet the greatest and deepest needs of our city and its people.

3. That Christian believers will actively live out their faith in such a way that blesses every sphere of the life and culture of Greater Philadelphia.

Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist & Senior Portfolio Manager at Nuveen Asset Management, a native of the city, shared how marketplace leaders make a difference in city gospel movements and why ministry, nonprofit and marketplace need to unite to accelerate gospel movement in the city. When answering the question why movement is needed, he answered, “the need is great, the time is short, and the cost is high.”

In the afternoon, Dr. Chip Roper and I had the opportunity to present best practices in accelerating gospel movement, offering stories of what we’ve seen God do in cities like New York, Dallas and Pretoria, South Africa through focused leadership and pastors who have a greater understanding for the significant role they play in affirming marketplace leaders.

In these cities and so many others, leaders are pursuing a courageous vision to usher in God’s transformative power to address urban issues. In the process, they’re bringing forth prosperity and hope.

A pastor in his closing prayer asked God to give each leader in the room a passion like that of Nehemiah, to repair the ancient walls of the city and to know that in so doing they would be offering up to God a good work.

By: Ebony Small, Director of Movement Day Expressions

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