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We recently caught up with Adam Durso, CEO of Faith Breathes LLC, an initiative partnering with churches worldwide to train, strengthen, and empower youth pastors. Adam shared his thoughts on engaging millennials in gospel movement.

What are some practical steps that urbanites can take to create unity amongst millennials in their cities?

In creating unity with millennials it’s important to be aware of all the things that can separate one generation from another. Millennials are interested in the “whys” of the world. Why should we do this initiative? Why should we be a part of this other project? Why does the thing we are doing matter? Millennials are interested in social justice and are community minded; these priorities reflect what the church should be doing and should stand for. To create unity with millennials, it is important to first embrace this demographic before we try to “clean them up” and “change them”.

How can senior leaders empower and catalyze millennials to bring change to their community and become agents of city transformation?

First and foremost, it is important that senior leaders embrace the millennial generation and not attempt to fit them into a mold. The beauty of the millennials is they are different; they think outside the box, and unfortunately, senior leaders continue to try and keep them in a specific mold. This is why, on average, seven out of ten millennials are leaving the church.

You’ve been instrumental in planning an Emerging Leaders Gathering being hosted by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio this upcoming May. What are some of your goals and desired outcomes connected to this event?

One of the biggest goals I have for the Emerging Leaders Gathering is to bring millennial leaders alongside traditional government leaders for the purpose of seeing what outcome might emerge from this fellowship. What will faith filled millennial leaders – members of the most missional and social-justice minded generation we’ve seen yet – do if given an opportunity to speak into the tremendous obstacles our government is facing today? I would also like to replicate this experience in other cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Charlotte and Dallas.

What do you hope to share with leaders at Movement Day Global Cities (MDGC) this fall?

My hope for MDGC this October is to see an iconic, maybe even historic event focused on gospel movements in cities around the world. Hosting over 1,000 millennial leaders from all different cultures, paradigms, and ethnicities, who have a core common passion to see the gospel proclaimed in our generation will be monumental to stemming the tide of millennials leaving the church in record numbers. MDGC 2016 presents an opportunity to change the conversation and thus change the trajectory of our generation by the gospel of Jesus Christ!

How can millennials connect with you right now to learn more about your work?

Go to and journey with me. The name of my website, Faith Breathes, is meant to reflect the experience of inhaling the presence and Word of God and exhaling the good works that glorify our Father in heaven. The tagline of this project is, “if it’s alive, it must be breathing”.

Twitter: @adamdurso