Marketplace Leaders Gathering

At November’s Global Marketplace Leaders’ Summit in Washington, D.C., spiritual and marketplace leaders discussed their roles in motivating their communities to fight poverty and homelessness, while fostering adoption, literacy, job creation, and spiritual health across all segments of their cities.

A major topic was the success of the inaugural Movement Day Charlotte (which achieved a synergistic balance of spiritual, non-profit and marketplace representatives) and other recent expressions. Leaders participating in the conference included Marydel Harris, Bob and Leslie Doll, (all Accelerate Campaign Co-Chairs); Dr. Nicole Martin (American Bible Society); Rob Kelly (For Charlotte); Casey Crawford (Founder of Movement Mortgage); Steve and Mart Green (Hobby Lobby), and Eric Metaxas (author, speaker and TV host).

“I am convinced we have gotten here this morning because of the ancient proverb…God is the great shepherd,” said Dr. Mac Pier, Founder & CEO of MOVEMENT.ORG, summarizing the meaning behind this meeting. “He shepherds each of our lives individually. And this meeting is an intersection of providence and purpose.”

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