Leading a Movement

This summer I was fortunate to attend a Pier family reunion. We had 60 of us across four generations. I saw a family tree dating back twelve generations to Amsterdam. I realized I wasn’t the first Pier to live in New York City.

My family grew up in rural South Dakota, twenty miles north of the Missouri River. I learned that this summer reading Audacious Courage that the Missouri River is the 8th longest river in the world.

Audacious Courage is a 480 page history of Lewis and Clark’s 30 month journey from St. Louis to the Pacific and back. There are 20 pages of footnotes and bibliography from author Stephen Ambrose. It takes intellectual rigor to capture the impact of a movement.

The book is a testament to pioneering something that opens the door for the multitudes.

Ambrose writes on page 246, “The men of the expedition were linked together by uncommon experiences and the certain knowledge that they were making history, the realization that they were in the middle of what without question be the most exciting and important time of their lives, and that they were all in this together.”

Ambrose writes about the leadership of 30 year old Merriwether Lewis on page 273, “Well led men can do far more than they thought they ever could. Especially if they are in life threatening situations- which is exactly where Lewis intended to lead them. He dared to do so because he knew that they had more in them than they thought, and he knew how to bring it out of them.”

As we are part of leading a movement this is our opportunity to become these kinds of leaders. We realize that we are in the greatest moments of our lives and we get to see things never before seen.

As the NYCLC moves into Manhattan space in August, as we steward the interest in 75 cities globally for Movement Day, and as we see the enormous momentum in New York City with Lead NYC – these are historic days.

May God give us audacious courage to see the future and lead into it.

By: Dr. Mac Pier, CEO & Founder of The New York City Leadership Center

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