Leaders Linking Arms in Port-Au-Prince

It has been a rough decade for Haiti. Since 2004, 3 hurricanes and two tropical storms have struck the country—and few of us will forget the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in 2010 which triggered a massive cholera outbreak. Needless to say, these disasters have severely impacted the country’s infrastructure, economy, and people. Many aspects have yet to return to “normal”—let alone reasonable conditions for much of the lower social classes.

Great need, great opportunity. Port-Au-Prince, Haiti’s capital and largest city with 3.3 million in the metropolitan area, is like many other cities struggling with poverty. Risa Reeves, a key leader planning Movement Day Haiti, says, “We hope to address our country’s shared urban issues: fatherlessness, social class reconciliation, job creation, and environmental infrastructure. Together, with God’s strength, this can happen.”

A group of 30+ key leaders meet regularly, to plan, pray, and prepare for May 12, 2016. This will be the 4th city to host its inaugural Movement Day event (with New York, Dallas, & Pretoria preceding). We eagerly look forward to the day, though Risa adds, “There is so much need, so much to accomplish. Pray that the team—and the broader Christian community—would have humility and acceptance of our responsibility as believers. Let it be His way, not our own.”

Pray for: unity and smooth sailing as the Movement Day Haiti team plans their event.

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