Gatekeepers to Guard, Guide and Welcome Glory

1 Chronicles 9:22-27 & Psalm 24:1-3

In the days of the Old Testament, gatekeepers had three primary roles. The first was to guard the Lord’s house, which included knowing and protecting the word of God. The second responsibility of gatekeepers was to guide, warn and pray for the believers in their area of influence. Lastly, gatekeepers were trusted to keep watch for the return of the King.

As city leaders, we are called to be gatekeepers for our cities, entrusted by God to serve where He has placed us. We were blessed recently to hear from Tani Omideyi, Director of Together for Harvest and Senior Pastor at Temple of Praise church in Liverpool, who said, “I want to challenge us today that we are called to be gatekeepers. It’s a position of trust. We did not bring ourselves.” And with this calling comes great responsibility, Omideyi said.

In Psalm 24, Scripture tells us the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Every nation that we represent as a global network belongs to God, and He has called us to be co-workers with Him in our positions of leadership. It’s a 24/7 job, but it’s also our duty and privilege to call others to stand with us at the gates. Every relationship, every effort to work together and empower others to reach our cities for the good of the kingdom is an obedient step in our calling.

God’s promise of provision extends to the resources we will need to fulfill our calling, like the gatekeepers in 1 Chronicles who were given access to the treasury store. “There [will] be provision from heaven for those who take up this role as gatekeepers,” Omideyi said.

As spiritual watchmen, we are to be in constant prayer for God to protect our city and use our influence for good. In our duty to usher in the King, we are praying for the kingship of Christ in our city, not just social action. Many aspects of our society are strained right now – hospitals, education, the economy, racial tensions – these issues deserve our attention and support while remembering His higher purpose and authority.

And finally, we should strive to live right with God, because it will strengthen our role as gatekeepers. When we are spending time in prayer and Bible study, seeking the wisdom of Godly counsel and holding each other accountable, we can be in tune to the needs of those around us and serve with confidence.

May the Lord bless you as you take on that role fully for the city where He has placed you.

Watch our most recent Movement Global City Leaders call with Pastor Tani:

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