#FridayReads: “The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Movements”

Founder and President of Frontline Ministries, Tom White leads an international ministry catalyzing and developing citywide gospel movements. He also teaches on the topics of spiritual formation, unity in the Body of Christ and spiritual warfare. Tom has emerged as a recognized innovator and practitioner in city transformation—and is a valued partner with Movement Day. We recommend his book The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Movements. Take a read of the book summary below—and check it out on Amazon, too. 

Built on Tom White’s three decades of experience leading movements of prayer, unity, and collaboration in cities around the world, this book is a must-read for serious practitioners engaged in emerging or existing city gospel movements. It adeptly balances biblical foundations with hands-on tools for growing sustainable, citywide expressions of unity, corporate prayer and collaborative partnerships. The theme throughout is releasing members of the Body of Christ to bring the presence of God’s kingdom into all spheres of societal activity.

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