#FridayReads: “Finding God in the City: Making Sense of the Urban World” By Brad Stanley

Brad Stanley has served as a full time missionary for the last 28 years, as the director of Youth with a Mission, Chicago (YWAM). His time at YWAM has taken him to more than 20 nations in the last 20 years, including living and working in the immigrant communities of Chicago IL. He teaches on the impact that Global Urbanization is having on the modern missions movement, he speaks regularly in churches and missionstraining schools, and has authored the book, Finding God in the City: Making Sense of the Urban World.

In his book, Stanley shares his God-given insight into the importance of the city and its inhabitants, and the role that the church should play in reaching cities worldwide for Christ. Having dedicated many years to the city of Chicago, Stanley is able to share his experiences and gives a fresh approach to urban missions. So how does God feel about the city, and how should we respond to the 21st century being known as the century of global urbanization? Read Stanley’s book to find out more.
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