#FridayReads: "Consequential Leadership"

In Consequential Leadership, Mac Pier laments the fact that we are “in the worst fix since the Depression and the two World Wars.” And the issue is not fundamentally economic, but moral. He says,

This crisis of legitimacy is unlikely to be solved by business or politics-as-usual. It is not a problem that is amenable to money or power. What we need is a moral renaissance rooted in the intersection of faith and action-action that grows out of character, commitment and values.

He finds hope in the lives and ministries of 15 contemporary leaders whose lives are “consequential.” These people believed they could make a difference, and set out to do so. He describes each in a biography, and extracts a key principle embodied by each.

This book is about leading consequentially. A consequential leader fully enters with their spiritual community into the concerns of God and the suffering of Christ for the world.  Consequential leaders act to address the greatest spiritual, social and humanitarian concerns on the heart of God.  The book is about those kinds of leaders, helping us to aspire toward being more consequential in our own leadership.

If you see a need and want to advance your own consequential leadership, this is a must read.

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