Four Compelling Tracks on Making Disciples and Empowering The Youth

A fundamental component of the Movement Day Global Cities experience is the opportunity to hear from and dialogue with one another in the afternoons. Join us for our Interactive Learning Tracks and participate in the sharing of best practices and the fostering of collaboration between leaders, organizations, and cities. Topics covered within the tracks are focused on current urban issues or population groups, and are led by topic experts and practitioners.

While the topics covered in our Interactive Learning Tracks are diverse, many of the sessions seek to address questions or needs connected with general themes of City Impact & Transformation, Everyday Impact, Youth Mentorship & Discipleship, and Church Growth.

This week we are highlighting several Interactive Learning Tracks that may interest those who are seeking to explore questions, needs, or challenges connected to the theme of Youth Mentorship & Discipleship. Do you have a particular passion surrounding the process of making disciples? If so, we recommend you take time to check out our track, Disciple Making Through the Church For Kingdom Impact. This track, featuring speakers from around the globe, will seek to explore opportunities, principles and sustainable methods for fulfilling the Great Commission.

Perhaps you are someone who has a heart to identify, highlight, and proactively engage in combatting injustice affecting young people around the world. The track, Ministering to Young People In the Face of Injustice, provides an opportunity to learn from leaders doing just this in the diverse nations of Lebanon, Rwanda and the United Kingdom.

Did you know that there are 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24, nine-tenths of whom live in less developed countries? Find out how to effectively engage, communicate, and empower local leaders in this demographic in our Reaching the Next Generation track or the Transforming the Next Generation: Disciples of Jesus Changing the World track.

Movement Day Global Cities attendees may choose as many as four different track sessions to attend over the course of two days. Details regarding time and location will be provided upon registration. It has been encouraging to note that over the years, several Interactive Learning Tracks have resulted in the establishment of ongoing working groups to accelerate impact within cities. Will you join us?

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