An Eyewitness to the New Reformation

I recently completed a 28 day, ten city tour. I travelled to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Dubai, Durban, Pretoria, Richmond/Williamsburg, and Holland/Grand Rapids. I was eager to encourage the great momentum toward Movement Day in each unique region of the world.

Each of these cities are at various stages of considering designing and hosting Movement Day. Here are some broad observations from the trip:

1. In both SE Asia and Australia evangelical Anglicanism is quite robust. In Singapore I attended one of 15 services at St. Andrews. The church is the mother diocese of 27 Anglican parishes in Singapore as well as six nations.

I also met with Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies in Sydney. He is considered by some to being the leading Anglican leader in Australia. He has close ties to the Lausanne movement.

2. Asia has the largest number of first generation Christians in history. Given the explosive growth of Christianity across Korea, China, Singapore, and India – the continent has a very robust Christian presence.

Hong Kong has one of the highest density of Alpha churches in the world with 240 Alpha churches. Hong Kong will host a March 2018 Movement Day. Natalie Chan, John Snelgrove, and Peter Lam have given fabulous leadership.

3. Australia evangelicalism has great momentum emerging from its National Gathering led by Ian Shelton. The Salvation Army has emerged as a great host with a presence in most Aussie cities. We see the opportunity to connect with the Anglican Church and the Hill Song movement. Movement Day Australia is being planned for 2018.

4. Nearly 300 African leaders attended Movement Day Global Cities in NYC in 2016. As a follow up four gatherings are planned in 2017 in Nairobi, Durban, Pretoria, and Cape Town. The meetings were led by Jurie Kriel of Pretoria. Movement Day Africa is being planned for 2018.

5. Richmond/Williamsburg and Holland/Grand Rapids leaders hosted nine meetings over four days. Clif and Karen Brigham organized these gatherings in Virginia. Jim Liske, Gary Veurink, and Rick Lyons (NYCLC board members) organized the Michigan meetings. These are early stage conversations to explore Movement Day gatherings.

The Virginia cities are closely connected to the birth of the United States. West Michigan may have the highest concentration of entrepreneurs of any community in the world.

God is stirring around the world. It seems to me that the New Reformation is God uniting churches in big cities around the world.

By: Dr. Mac Pier, CEO & Founder of The New York City Leadership Center

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