What made you want to get involved with Movement Day?

As soon as we were introduced to the Movement Day team, we felt an immediate synergy.
The focus on leadership within a place, really connected with the Doncaster story and
strategy for transformation, which is based around the leadership.

It’s a fact that everything rises or falls on leadership. Whether in a small organisation, or an
entire city, leadership sets the culture. Get leadership right and everything else follows. In
any locality we can identify 4 key leadership quarters. It is within these quarters that we find
our ‘influential’ leaders. These groups are Church, Commercial, Civic and Community. Each
of these leadership quarters contributes to influencing people and places.

What is the benefit of a Movement Day Expression in Doncaster?

The lens through which we view a city is crucial to transformation. The leadership quarters
within a city, are the gateways to influence and the keys to strategic (and sustainable)
change. If we are to have the biggest impact in our place, we need to ensure that we focus
on the areas where the shape of our place is being formed, and the narrative is being
written. The Movement Day links and the possibility of a Movement Day Expression as part
of what we are planning in Doncaster, will really augment the work here in our city, and also
give people a global outlook.

What can we expect at Movement Day Doncaster in 2018?

In short, we are planning a celebration of unity in 2018. This celebration will connect the
Influential Leadership Quarters across our city and provide an intentional context that will
identify the specific areas of influence within our place.

We are really excited about what is happening in Doncaster and are looking forward to
pushing beyond the possibilities and boundaries of individual churches and ministries, and
understanding that the mission of the Church is a joint responsibility shared with others.

By: Ian Mayer from Doncaster UK

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