Closing Ceremony – 100 cities

Held in Washington, D.C., November’s 100 Cities Summit proved to be a historic gathering of urban leaders from around the globe, all of whom were seeking to collaboratively tackle the daunting issues we all face in our cities.

Facilitated by MOVEMENT.ORG, the summit aimed to catalyze leadership teams to impact the spiritual and social climate of their cities through learning communities, the sharing of best practices and the advancement of high-level, city-changing collaborative partnerships.

“The reason we are here tonight is that we’re living in an every-500-year moment and our vision over the next five years is to impact 500 cities in 500 languages,” said Dr. Mac Pier, Founder & CEO of MOVEMENT.ORG. “The most impactful way to reach people from all over the world is to unite the church to communicate the power and the beauty of the gospel together.”

The summit addressed a number of significant topics, approaching the endeavor of city transformation utilizing the following template:

  • Multiplying Churches (increasing access to the gospel). A long-term goal has been to both unite existing churches, which often exist in spiritual silos, and grow the number of new churches in both cities and isolated rural areas.
  • Engaging Millennial Leaders, a key initiative which also includes identifying and cultivating the leaders to tomorrow.
  • Mobilizing Marketplace Leaders (vocational, kingdom-minded leaders in business, government, social services), and
  • Ministering to people on the Margins (the poor, refugees, the disenfranchised), a vital issue across all continents and cultures.

While marketplace leaders are essential to achieving the summit’s goals, speakers emphasized that the goal is a global spiritual transformation. “This is a movement; this is not an organization,” said Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist, Nuveen Asset Management.

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