City Changers Movement Day South Africa

In April 2015, the city of Pretoria was host to South Africa’s first City Changers Movement Day. In a powerful demonstration of unity, approximately 300 leaders and delegates from across the city and country came together to deliberate on city transformation initiatives and dream together about what a city would look like where the transformational power of Jesus Christ has had its way. This is, to date, the largest expression of Movement Day to take place outside of the United States.


In the words of Doxa Deo Oos campus pastor Jurie Kriel, “Movement Day served as a catalyst for the churches across the city of Pretoria to realize that we are better together and set us up for the next season of movement initiatives in the city. We are better together as we gather in unity to give expression to the fact that from Christ’s perspective we are truly ONE church.”


The legacy of South Africa’s City Changers Movement Day has resulted in the establishment of the ONE Tshwane Sermon Series initiative. In a desire to see continued unity and collaboration between churches and city leaders in the Pretoria region, pastors across the city have committed to preaching on the same themes for the month of May. Pastor Jurie Kriel reflects, “Imagine the impact if, as a practical expression of the spiritual truth, the church in Tshwane focused on the same message every Sunday for a month. We would love to encourage every church in the city to join us as we practically display the spiritual unity that we have in the city. ONE God, ONE church and ONE city that God has called us to.” Pastor Kriel has also invited the broader Movement Day Global Cities (MDGC) community to cover the city of Pretoria in prayer. He asks, “Would you join us as we trust God to reach those far from Him, bring churches closer together and see the power of the gospel at work practically, transforming our city as His Kingdom comes in every home, workplace and city street?”


South Africa’s City Changers Movement Day 2015 has also served as a catalyst for continued collaboration within the greater MDGC community. Just last month, founder and CEO of The New York City Leadership Center, Dr. Mac Pier travelled to Pretoria to speak with pastors and ministry leaders at a Doxa Deo Oos campus event for city leaders. Pastor Jurie Kriel continues to champion the MDGC 2016 vision by working with Pretoria and Durban leaders to build a team of 200 South Africans to come to MDGC. He notes, “Together with other cities in South Africa and throughout Africa, we are excited about this October and are grateful for the interest shown in participating in Movement Day Global Cities.”


We look forward to having leaders from across the African continent join us this fall for a meaningful time of collaboration as we consider together how we can change our cities through gospel movement and impact today’s urban issues. Would you join us in lifting our South African MDGC partners in prayer as they come together for the month of May in the spirit of “ONE God, ONE church and ONE city”?


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