BEYOND Conference Recap

Mumbai is currently the largest growing city on the planet, with 23 million people living their lives and walking its streets daily. The city is both beautiful and gritty with people from all different walks of life inhabiting it’s skyscrapers, shorelines and shacks. The stark contrast between the different types of people that inhabit Mumbai is apparent to anyone who comes within the city limits. This is one of the reasons that The Mumbai Transformation Network (MTN) conducted the BEYOND conference (which is similar to a Movement Day expression) on February 23, 2019. This event gathered 200 pastors, non-government organization (NGO) directors and key marketplace leaders to hear the challenges of reaching our city as well as the best practices that churches are currently implementing here.

Mumbai is very divided and the Mumbai Transformation network felt called to bring everyone together at BEYOND to discuss how we can all be catalysts for change here. But we were also celebrating together that our God is a god of transformation.

He Renews. He Restores. He Reconciles.

We believe in a God who is transforming all things back to their original beauty; the way He originally intended and designed. Beauty oftentimes doesn’t flourish in a box, it wants to go beyond the borders and share its beauty elsewhere. Our belief is that city transformation begins with the Church realizing its mandate to go beyond its traditional borders, to mix with those who are unlike us and bring restoration to places that are in need of it.

Our intention for BEYOND was for constant, prevailing and united prayer. We wanted to be intentional about pursuing friendships and relationships before we got down to business; we wanted to create foundations upon which to build, so that whatever initiatives come from this gathering will have strong, healthy roots. We wanted to cultivate an inclusive culture where age, gender, class, cast and socio economic, language dividers are bridged. And we wanted to be resolute in looking BEYOND the church. We want God’s presence to come and engulf this place and we need to have His vision for the city, but we also need to invite others into this vision as there are many more people doing amazing things here in Mumbai.

The BEYOND conference was a great time of equipping and connecting. There was a real sense of inclusivity as everyone was able to share their own ideas and experiences around table discussions. The MTN leaders executed the event amazingly and there was a sense of oneness among the leaders of the city. Since the event and hearing feedback from all of these different leaders, MTN has divided the city into 20 zones and each zone has a team of leaders to mobilize prayer and action to reach the people of that particular area. The central team consists of 10 key leaders who are following up with zonal leaders to take the whole gospel to the whole city. This Movement Day has helped to strengthen the ten zones were MTN is active and identify new leaders in the zones where the movement is not active yet. Already the city has 3,000 churches the city gospel movement is gaining momentum every day.

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