The status quo is simply unacceptable. Movement Day is more than just a day. It is a spark to ignite a gospel movement.
Here’s what we believe.

Belief Structure

When we work together to make the Gospel of grace, truth, mercy and justice visible and tangible, then the Kingdom of God will become more real in the life of each city.

What Matters?


Jesus lived the life we are meant to live, and died the death we deserved. His life and death are essential for hope in this world. It is urgent that people all around the world be given the life-renewing opportunity to live the Jesus-life now and for eternity.


Less than twenty-four hours before His crucifixion, documented in John 17, Jesus prayed His climactic prayer that all His followers would be one. The unity of the church across denominational, racial, generational and geographic lines is the best evidence of God’s love to an unbelieving world. Division in the church breeds atheism in the world — unity releases the aroma of belief.


The number of Christians exploded at a rate of 80,000% in the 300 years between AD 30 (Christ’s Ascension) and AD 312 (Conversion of Constantine), rising from 25,000 to 20 million. The growth took place in the strategic cities of the Roman Empire. Never before in human history is there the potential to expose massive numbers of people to the gospel, than in this new global diaspora.


The growth of Christianity globally hinges on our ability to reach young leaders in big cities. Dave Howard in his book, Student Power in World Mission, believes that most spiritual movements are started by people who made their faith commitment before the age of twenty, and distinguished themselves as leaders before the age of twenty-eight. The greatest challenge facing the global church is the emerging leader generation leaving the faith—this is true in diverse places like Korea, Egypt and the United States.


We are passionate to see explosive growth – in conversions, in church plantings, in the growth of the gospel’s influence on society and against the greatest humanitarian challenges of our day.