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Hollis is a young woman whom I met at my local church. She’s a theatre artist and educator, extremely gifted, and thanks to social media I get to keep up with the great exploits of her life. We met this winter to talk through some challenges she faced and I reminded her of a hashtag she frequently mentions in her posts: #HollisWasHere. I invited her in that moment to change the way she saw the problem she experienced as an actual opportunity to create a solution that would change the culture of that place. Opportunity for her to leave a lasting mark there, opportunity to say, #HollisWasHere.

In reimagining our neighbors and neighborhoods the same mindset applies. We are called to leave a lasting impression which exclaims, #TheChurchWasHere.

There’s a verse of scripture which has become the anchor of my life: “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.” Ephesians 5:16-17 NLT.

Whether we are the leader of a ministry, parachurch organization or a marketplace leader, we are called to make a lasting impact. We have to encourage those in our spheres of influence to be thinking in this way. Our programs, initiatives and job responsibilities must serve a greater purpose–transforming people, culture and systems through the Gospel. We are always on assignment.

Start with this question: what are the issues of my city that need to be addressed? Then allow the Gospel to inform your theology, your politics, your patriotism and your witness.

In my role as director of Movement Day Expressions I get to journey with leaders as they collectively discover in community with other leaders, God’s vision for their city. A constant theme in our journey with the Lord is to perceive the new thing He’s doing and then co-labor with the Lord in that work. Our programs, initiatives and lives must be subject to the move of God’s Spirit in our city.

Pray for the body of Christ that through the lens of the Holy Spirit we’ll reimagine our neighbors and neighborhoods perceiving the new thing God wants to do in and through our leadership.

By: Rev. Ebony Small, Director of Movement Day Expressions

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