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DR. A.R. BERNARD • 04.15.19

Listen and learn as Dr. AR Bernard shares his experience that has come from starting up a storefront church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to leading a church of thousands. He began by pastoring his local church, but that turned into pastoring his community. Come find out how he turned that community into that local church. What is the secret to longevity? How can we manage the only constant in life and ministry: change? What are the key elements for keeping the ministry evolving? And he’ll also answer the question: Where do legacy and destiny meet?

AR Bernard

Dr. A.R. Bernard
Christian Cultural Center • Brooklyn, NY

In 1979, A.R. Bernard, Sr. left a successful banking career for full-time ministry, nurturing a small church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn into the Christian Cultural Center, a 45,000- member church with an 11.5-acre campus. In addition to his work with CCC, Bernard hosts popular TV and radio programs have worked on the transition teams of Mayors Bloomberg and De Blasio, served as President of the Council of Churches of the City of NY, and founded two thriving New York schools. Bernard and Karen, his wife of 45 years, have raised seven children.