2020’s Movement Day Seattle Bringing Unity to the Northwest

Known for rain, coffee, hipsters, and a strong community spirit, Seattle also is home to a thriving Christian community, one that’s working together on a two-year plan to launch a Movement Day Expression in 2020.

Helping lead this mission is Chris Gough, Director of Church Engagement for Seattle’s Light Up the Sky. Chris already helps organize a network of 23 congregations across the Emerald City’s metropolitan area, all working together to improve their communities, providing a strong foundation for a Movement Day Expression in 2020.

Inspiration from MDE’s Small

The idea to pursue a Movement Day Expression grew out of 2017’s 4th Annual Advance Conference, a gathering of local leaders, with guest speakers & testimony. Input from speaker Ebony Small motivated Gough and others to consider expanding their city’s successful community-building work into something even larger—a Seattle Expression.

The Advance Conference was an important initiative, but, because it was limited to just 150 area leaders, was beginning to feel too small, Gough said.  Local organizers wondered what it would look like to expand that impactful conversation to over 1,000, planting a seed for an expression in one of America’s fastest-growing cities.

Keeping the Focus Local

Enthusiasm for the work Seattle leaders are doing has spread south to Portland, OR, east to Spokane and north to Vancouver, B.C. Though representatives from these regions may play a role, Movement Day Seattle will focus on the Puget Sound area, much like Movement Day New York City has redirected its focus on the tri-state region.

There’s lots of outreach and team building work to be done. Seattle is defining a mission for 2020! Before hosting an expression, its empowered church leadership needs to inspire business and community leaders to share its vision of a united city, said Gough.

He emphasizes that in addition to further uniting church, city and business organizations, MD Seattle will focus on promoting and improving the quality of Foster Care in the Puget Sound region is a priority for Light Up the City and will be a cornerstone of MD Seattle’s mission.

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