Harvest America and MDGC

What made Harvest America successful, and what impact do you think it had?

In the weeks leading up to Harvest America, INITIATIVE had the opportunity to be partnered with the crusade in Dallas. We shared relationships, held pastors meetings, and prayed for God to use March 6th to be a catalyst for revival. The impact that it had goes beyond numbers, though they DO have stunning metrics. Churches came together to invite/ bring people, serve them during the event, and then commit to follow up post event. People know the Lord because of the willingness for churches to work together, for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

Why would our readers (potential registrants for MDGC) find Harvest America interesting?

Anyone that is interested in MDGC would naturally gravitate towards Harvest America. If you’re passionate about mobilizing people in your city for the gospel, this works in conjunction with that mission. We must be unified in our ministry to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. (John 17:3)

What problems or challenges do you think Harvest America addressed?

We saw thousands upon thousands of people dedicate their lives to the Lord in one day with one message by coming together as one Church for Jesus. This shows us that we don’t share the gospel explicitly enough, and we don’t come together as a unified Church enough.

What was your personal experience at Harvest America?

We were completely stunned at worshipful atmosphere. It was not about one band, person, or organization. AT&T Stadium is huge, but we have now seen people worship God, together, in one of the largest arenas in the United States. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people eager to hear the name of Jesus preached, prayed, and sung. Our voices were not lost in the enormity of the stadium, but amplified by it. As a Church representing Christ, we have to do this more.

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